Department of Training and Workforce Development - TAFE Admissions System

TAFE Admissions Key Dates Semester 1 2024

Main intake applications close – 3 November 2023
Further key date information can be found on the Full Time Studies Guide

Current secondary school students applying for entry into Semester 1 2024 will be assessed based on their Semester 1 results from their current year of study. TAFE Admissions will predict end of year outcomes based on these results.

Should the end of year results differ significantly from Semester 1 results, the college may suggest alternative options to the student.

Students currently studying a qualification under the VET for Secondary Students program will be assessed based on an assumption that they will successfully complete their qualification. They may be required to provide their academic record or qualification as proof of completion at time of enrolment. Should the qualification not be completed, applicants may become ineligible for an offer and the college will work with those applicants on alternative options.

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You can apply for full time study through this site if you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or temporary resident with a visa subclass of 309, 310, 457 (secondary holder), 820, 826 or 851. If you are a temporary resident and you do not hold one of these visas please contact TAFE International on 9218 2100.

If you would like to study full time at one of the following TAFE Colleges (listed below) please apply now.

  • North Metropolitan TAFE
  • South Metropolitan TAFE
  • North Regional TAFE
  • Central Regional TAFE
  • South Regional TAFE

  • If you would like to study an access and bridging course or part time please contact the relevant TAFE College directly.


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